Monday, October 8, 2012

How to be Beautiful Inside and Out

Hi Bellas!

Today I'm not going to write a review or do a fotd or either ootd. I'm going to talk about being beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. Let's Start!

During my being "Single" days i used to have skin problems a lot and even sickness. Everyday i have breakouts, rashes and even colds. First I didn't pay too much attention to it since  I know that I have hormonal imbalance and it's only normal to have breakouts and colds. However as times/days goes by, breakouts and daily sickness has taken its toll on me. I noticed that I become weaker and had low self esteem due to scarring of the pimples. I've tried so many products in the market that promised to remove all my pimples. I also bought vitamins and medicines for my colds. However, it seems that these are just temporary solutions to all these! Until 1 day I realized that it's all about my habit and my lifestyle! How can I not pay attention to it! I work during graveyard shift (night shift that is) and working during night time can lower your Immune system. Yes! I neglected myself from being healthy and I thought that it's ok but it's not!

So base on my own experience, here are few tips on how to be Beautiful Inside and Out.

1. Learn to Eat Veggies.

                 - Yes! that's right! I know some of you are afraid with Veggies but hey, eating veggies even just once a week or even once every other day can help and make a big difference! You can gain lots of vitamins and minerals from it. Eating green leafy vegetables can give you vitamins A, C, minerals etc. 

-Did you know that half cup of broccoli, cooked with no added salt contains 1.86 grams protein, 27 calories and 2.6 grams dietary fiber. It also contains different minerals such as Potassium which is essential for the body’s growth and maintenance. It is necessary to keep a normal water balance between the cells and body fluids. Phosphorus which is second to calcium in abundance in the body. Calcium which eases insomnia and helps regulate the passage of nutrients through cell walls. Without calcium, your muscles wouldn't contract correctly, your blood wouldn't clot and your nerves wouldn't carry messages and Sodium which is required by the body to regulate blood pressure and blood volume.

2. Fruits for desserts.

                  - Fruits like Apple, Banana and Berries are full of Vitamins A,B, B1, B2 and C which is essential for the development of bones, skin and eyesight. It strengthens the immune system, creating resistance to infection and disease. It also regulates growth by regulating the expression of the growth hormone gene. Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, an important structural component of tendons, bones, teeth, blood vessels and muscles. 

3. Remove your Makeup!

                 - Even if you are so tired from work or from any errands you've done, make sure to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Your skin needs to breathe after a long tiring work! Or you can buy any face wipes or wet wipes that removes makeup. When you sleep with your makeup still on, the ingredients plus dirt can seep deeply on to your skin that can cause irritation, allergic reaction or even infection. Also, leaving makeup on your skin can make your skin more susceptible to wrinkles by drying it out.

4. Get Enough Sleep.

                  -When you get enough sleep and a good rest you'll wake up with a fresh mind, body and soul.  It will give you the energy that you need for your activities. Sleep is the best relaxation that you can get.

5. Smile.

                  - This is the best stress reliever! When you smile, it changes your mood and boosts your Immune System. It also lowers your blood pressure , lifts the face and makes you look younger!

So if you think that there's something wrong, change your habit and lifestyle. Try new, simple basic things. Even just a simple smile or having enough sleep can make a big change.

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