Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do you love hauls? Watsons Mini Haul!

Hi Everyone!

So I know yeah some of you ladies or even gents out there love hauls! especially Makeup hauls! so one day I've decided to drop by at "Watsons" to purchase some items that I cannot leave the house without. Below are few of the items.

Let me start of with the "Baby First baby wipes" this wet wipes do wonders! I know that it doesn't say that it's for the face but I use this to remove my makeup and it does! It doesn't break me out and I love the fact that it is Hypoallergenic! I got this for a great deal for only P99 with 60 Sheets each pouch so that's 120sheets for an affordable price. Next, Oil Control Sheets/Film or Blotting Papers. I cannot leave the house without these on my pouch. Instead of packing tons of powder on my face to reduce oil I usually use Blotting paper instead. These removes oil from your face in an instant. I bought 2 Kinds of Blotting sheets they are the "LAB Works Oil Control Film" and "Fitness Rose Scent Oil Control Sheet". LAB Works costs P99 each and Fitness for P35. Third item would be the "Energising Eye Mask" (I know that the label Energizing is misspelled but who cares lol) anyways..this eye mask is for only P29. Then there's the "Strawberry Yogurt pack" it's a wash off face mask and it's for P39.75. Lastly, I got the "Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom in Pink Blossom" well this is a color changing lip balm. It's just a white lip balm but it turns pink once applied on the lips. I'll do a separate reviews for the eye mask, face mask and lip balm. My total for this mini haul only costs P501.25! So that's all for now with my Watsons mini haul.

How about you? have you tried purchasing at any watsons store? share with me a few things that you have purchased in watsons that you can't leave your home without. Thank you for reading and God Bless! :)


  1. Nice haul! :) Hoping you'll do reviews with that products :)

    Btw,I'm a new follower! :) You are awesome, keep it up! :) Hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :) Looking forward for your new posts.. ;)

  2. Cute haul! Parang me theme na blue and red/pink! :D