Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream (Whitening in Oriental)

After a lot of thinking and second thoughts I finally decided to get a BLOG!!! :D This is going to be my first ever "makeup" review. This is a review about the EB Advance BB Cream (Whitening). 

I've used BB Creams before and for me they are like all the same even the prices. So one day while in a mall, i passed by the Ever Bilena booth and I'm not actually planning to buy but the SA suddenly introduced their new Advance BB Cream (Whitening in Oriental & Anti Wrinkle in Natural). I suddenly got excited and asked the SA about their BB Creams. I then swatched both BB Creams to check which suits me best or matched my skin tone. Fortunately, Oriental in Whitening somewhat matched me and when I asked for the price it was so affordable, just for P195. So I purchased EB Advance BB Cream in Oriental and went home.

When i got home, I've swatched again the product just to have a glimpse of the color if it really matches my skin tone. Photos shown below are the different shots for the swatches and what it looks like after.



I've started using this product the night after I've purchased it. I'm now on the 6th day of my use and so far no breakouts or any violent reactions from my skin. But I am not sure about the "Whitening" effect since I've just been using this for 6days now. In their website, it also indicates that "it has UVA/UVB protection that prevents unwanted skin damages caused by the sun and Vitamin E that moisturizes the skin." though there are no indications that it has SPF. Well since I work during the night in a very cold office environment I need to moisturize my skin to avoid flaky, dry skin.

Below is my before and after shot. The Before photo was taken in our office since I don't have the time to do it at home. In this photo I'm wearing the EB Advance BB Cream then I set it with Fanny Serrano's Two Way Cake Powder Foundation in Organza plus Ever Bilena's matte lipstick in Off Beat Pink then top of with NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo and some mascara. Basically, that's my everyday look. I haven't done my brows and blush though since i feel like i don't have to or maybe I'm just lazy that day.
The After photo was taken after 8 hours when i got home from work with no touch ups at all. You'll see that I look so haggard hahaha! I took this photo with flash and as you can see my face is already oily but it doesn't bother me that much because sometimes my skin can get more oily than usual. 

- Light to Medium coverage (depends on how many applications you're going to pack on your face)
- It gives a natural no make up look
- No breakouts so far
- Affordable (only P195)
- Tube top bottle
- Dewy finish
- No foul smell (almost smells like a regular foundation)

- They only have 2 shades (Whitening in Oriental) & (Anti Wrinkle in Natural). Whitening in Oriental is like for fair-medium skin tones and the Anti Wrinkle in Natural is for light skin tone.

Over all I really like this BB Cream and the fact that it's so affordable really made it a great deal! It's just right for those who want to have that natural look. It's also light weight like your wearing no make up at all! It's also convenient for those on the go who doesn't have the time to pack on some foundations. You can blend it using your finger tips or either a blending brush. But i prefer to use my finger tips just so to lessen of  me bringing lots of make up brushes.

I rate this BB Cream 4.5 / 5..Two Thumbs Up for EB Advance BB Cream!

How about you? have you tried EB Advance BB Cream yet? try it and tell me what can you say about this product! ;) 


  1. After reading this review I finally decided to try their BB cream thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Vergielyn! you're welcome! Let me know and hope to read your review about this product too ;)

  2. thanks so much for this review!! I've actually saw this on the EB counter but the SA told me they don't have tester yet! I don't want to buy it pa kasi I' not sure about the shade. It looks super nice on you and I love the finishing! Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. You're welcome Janet! and Thanks for the great comment! ^^



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    You got an award from my blog :) I do hope you can check it out :)

    Thank you :)