Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Impression: Celeteque Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream

Hi Beautiful People!

There are tons of BB Creams in the market and to be honest I am not really a huge fan of it. Maybe because majority of bb creams have pink undertone which is too whitish or grayish for my morena skin. Then one day, I saw the Celeteteque BB Cream from and I immediately purchased it since I've been using Celeteque products like their moisturizer and toner. So when the item arrived, I tried it the next day to see how well the product will be. 

This is what the box looks like. Nothing really special aside that it's color pink.

At the back you will see the description, how it works and the dates including the expiration date.

Here is the pink packaging and it's in a squeeze tube type. You'll see the name of the product in front.

I also noticed that the packaging is slim compared to other bb creams that is rounded or bulky. 

This is the back of the packaging where you will see the directions on how to apply the product and also the Net Content.



This is the sample swatch. As you can see it has a pink undertone.
Note: **This is my MOM's hand**

Product is blended on the skin.

Left Hand = with out bb cream
Right Hand = with Celeteque BB Cream
You will see the difference between the two. The right hand looks brighter and smoother.

❤❤❤❤ = 4/5

-No Pungent Smell

-Pink undertone
-Leaves a white cast

To sum up, When I used it, I really like the consistency and even if it has a pink undertone it still worked for my morena skintone. It's lightweight and doesn't break me out. It also helps to even out my skin tone and gives my skin that sudden glow. It feels like second skin!

Let me know ladies if you have tried Celeteque BB Cream and what can you say about this product. If you want me to review other brands or products please do leave a comment below ;) Have a great day!


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  1. To this day I still have not tried this! I need to see how it measures up to others :P