Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Product Presentation Event: Glory of New York Phillippines

Hi wonderful people!

I want to share to you all the experience I had last Friday September 13, 2013 when I got the opportunity to attend the Glory of New York product presentation event held at Tivoli Residences in Mandaluyong. The event was great and I met new friends and a few Youtubers and beauty bloggers as well. 

Below are the photos on the event.

**Queen B - Hosting the event**

**Bing of TheProjectAwesome**

**Dr. Kartik Sahay (President of GNY) - giving a brief background about the Glory of New York**

**Ms. Larissa Sahay (VP of GNY) - giving a brief description about GNY in tagalog**

**Glory of New York's makeup line from Cream foundations, liquid foundations, mascaras, lip liners, kohl liners, primer, loose powder, eyeshadow palletes, blushes, bronzer and a lot more.**

**Glory of New York's skincare line - from cleanser, toner, firming lotion, enzyme peel and much more!**

**Glory of New York's For Men skincare**

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Queen B and Bing of TheProjectAwesome for inviting me.

Gorgeous ladies! Youtubers - Shebby , Bing, Raych, Joyce, Chriselle & Jaja

Newly found friends! Beauty Bloggers/Youtubers - Claire, Gem and Sam.

Goodie Bags from Glory of New York.

The event was fun and informative at the same time! We get to eat first before the program proper. We get to know more about the products of Glory of New York. We also tried some of the makeup line and was able to do swatches. 

Please do visit Queen B - The Official online distributor of Glory of New York Phillipines and you may also visit Glory of New York Phillippines FB page and their Official Website.


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